I cut and dyed my hair today and now I’m lookin fab tbh

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Daddy... I had sex with another boy... What are you going to do with my slutty self, daddy?





I think you know exactly what the fuck daddy is going to do to you, princess.

And I think you knew it when you let that little boy put his mouth on yours, let him put his fingers inside you, put his little cock inside my little girl’s pretty pink hole.  And I think part of you wanted it: wanted to know what it felt like to kiss another boy, wanted to feel him press himself inside you, to feel his hard thing fucking you senseless, wanted to taste his load pumping down your little throat.  You wanted to feel like a big girl, like a real whore, like a dirty little slut who needed and deserved everything she was going to get from her daddy when she got home and confessed and begged daddy to forgive her.

And I think that’s why you did it, little one.  I think you wanted daddy to take you over his knee.  To feel your little butt tender and swollen and pinkish and sore.  Wanted to feel daddy choke you with his cock as he forced you to tell him all about what that boy did to you.  Wanted to feel used and degraded and deserving of every last stabbing and painful thrust as daddy pounded your little holes, all your little holes, freshly fucked and used and spat and cum in by whatever boy that was that you let into you.  You wanted to feel the difference, the preponderate and overwhelming difference of daddy, of his hands and body and fire, of his big thing as daddy stretched out reclaimed every inch of your perfect little body.  

I’m guessing that even as that little boy was bent over you, mindlessly thrusting his hard prick inside you, that even then you were thinking of daddy’s punishment.  Of daddy violently abusing your little holes, pushing you past the point of exhaustion, of him standing, finally, taking your hair in his fist and forcing you to your knees and towering over you as he pumped it, his big and swollen cock, all over your greedy little whore face.

You probably even came while he was fucking you, thinking of it.  Didn’t you?  You dirty fucking whore.  My naughty little girl.

this is probably THE. HOTTEST. thing I ever read

- Amber

This is absolutely the hottest thing I’ve ever read.

Well, thank you, little Miss Kitten.  I’m glad you enjoyed it. 


Over and over again xx

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sometimes i wish theres a gif of you touching yourself

maybe i need some inspiration